About us

About us

We are a manufacturing sewing company specialising in production of shirts, blouses and uniforms. We offer a wide range of services to our clients – we can develop a product design, prepare prototype clothing models for production, implement big orders in fast and timely manner, pack and deliver the products.

We started our activities in 1996, and since then have expanded our business a lot. In 2000, our company moved into new spacious 3,800 sq. m. premises to ensure efficient and healthy work environment. In 2001, we expanded the range of provided services – we started developing the design of products and cutting patterns. In 2003, our production laboratory was founded, and in 2008, the Company launched the provision of logistic services (we can supply products directly to shops or our clients’ customers).

Annual investments in renewal of our technical basis, flexible approach to our client’s needs and great team of professionals with long-term work experience are the factors that guarantee success to our Company.

About us
About us

Quality and Environmental Protection Policies

The limited liability company Bonitana not only offers the whole package of services to its clients (fast and high-quality manufacturing, packaging and delivery of ordered products, stock management), but also ensures the highest quality of products presenting the tailor-made and most suitable solutions to its clients and, at their request, develops the product design, selects suitable fabrics, makes the representative prototype models, prepares such models for manufacturing at the laboratory and organizes the further production cycle and product delivery to the final customer.

Implementation of the vision to become the highly effective and customer-driven company is the main goal and key to success of the limited liability company Bonitana.

The Company applies the most optimal performance of works, uses contemporary technologies and continuously improves its manufacturing process across the entire chain of its activities.

The limited liability company Bonitana is highly professional, flexible and time-responding company working in cooperation with its long-term trade partners. The Company is also proud of its clients – large European companies engaged in sales of recognised brands, as well as stylish individual persons, who value quality and long-term experience. Law enforcement structures of the United Kingdom and Sweden, hospitals in Scotland and Ireland, air-lines of different European countries are among our clients.

To reach the best and prompt final result, the Company has gathered the qualified and creative employee team.

In order to ensure the compliance of the Company’s activities with the consumers’ needs and expectations, to improve continuously the efficiency of environmental protection in any field of its activities, the limited liability company Bonitana has the established Quality Management System certified according to ISO 9001:2015 requirements and Environmental Protection Management System according to ISO 14001:2015 requirements. The Company has undertaken to:

  • be a reliable supplier of products ensuring the high quality of its services and products;
  • select its partners in the responsible manner, foster collaboration only with such partners, the products of which are in compliance with the quality requirements applied in the Company;
  • value the legal requirements applicable to the Company’s activities and ensure their compliance;
  • reduce the impact on environment by the Company’s activities through implementation of advanced environmental protection initiatives, and apply the following prevention measures:
  • rational use of energy resources;
  • identification of significant environmental aspects, which are manageable by the Company;
  • sorting of waste produced by the Company;
  • determining the preventive actions for possible accidents.

The Company ensures its compliance with all applicable requirements by organizing regular internal and independent external audits. Their results have been and will be used effectively in the future in the process of the Company’s management analysis and in making the important strategic decisions related to the Company’s activities and development.

The policies of the limited liability company Bonitana are available for society at large.