Design services

Upon the client’s request, the designer group of the Bonitana Company may create a new or develop the existing product model or even the entire apparel collection. The employees can design and construct the models, select fabrics and other required materials.

The developed prototype clothing models are further perfected at the manufacturing laboratory. This is especially relevant in making the uniform collections. The long-term collaboration with different European companies has contributed to the staff’s knowledge and experience, which are especially necessary in designing and manufacturing the high quality, comfortable and stylish uniforms and other occupational garments.


Other services

The Company can organize:

  • package of products;
  • provision of stock management services;
  • provision of logistic services.

This allows for flexible adaptation to the clients’ needs – not just designing and manufacturing a quality product, its preparation for sale, but also ensuring the product delivery directly to shops, final consumer or client’s customer, at the time and to the place appropriate for the client.